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Leadership 创办人 

Yungche Kuo

Architect, Principal​

                 With almost 30 years of experience in the USA, Yungche has gained extensive experience in aaaaaaaaaaaresidential community site planning, single family and multifamily dwelling design. He is capable of delivering a project personally from conceptual design to design development, and construction administration. He is currently responsible for project design services and business marketing in USA & China. Prior to YCK Architects, Yungche was a senior designer and associate with William Hazmalhalch Architects, Inc. (WHA) He has worked with many major developers and builders in the USA and internationally. His projects diversify in size, life style and building type, which range from detached young and mature family to senior people single family houses, clustered detached houses, attached multi-family  townhouses. His projects are highly recognized by the building industry. Prior to William Hazmalhalch Architects, Inc., Yungche was a senior designer with BBG Architects for ten years. Through BBG Architects, he acquired considerable experience of site planning and architectural design. 
   Yungche received his Master of Architecture from the University of Southern California, and Bachelor of Architecture from Chung Yuan Christian University. In addition, he is a licensed architect in the State of California.



  郭永哲在美国拥有近三十年的住宅小区规划,单一家庭和多户家庭的房屋设计经验。他个人能够从概念设计开始,一直到设计扩出及工地施工管理,独立负责完成一个项目的各阶段业务。目前他负责美国和中国的项目设计及业务扩展。成立事务所前,郭永哲在 William Hazmalhalch Architects, Inc. (WHA) 担任资深设计师与专员。他与美国及国际的主要住宅开发公司及建设公司有许多的合作经验。他的作品依照规模大小,生活型式及建筑物类型的不同,有从年轻家庭,成熟家庭到老年人家庭的独院独户别墅住宅,院落式独院独户簇群住宅,与相连多户家庭排屋。他的作品在房地产业界备受推崇。在加入WHA之前,郭永哲在 BBG Architects 担任资深设计师长达十年,获得丰富的规划与建筑设计经验。


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